Xbox One Price and TiVo Games


So unless Microsoft drastically changes its approach with their next-gen system, I’m going to switch to PlayStation.

I’ve been a loyal Xbox gamer for 12 years now. I owned and loved my original Xbox, and have bought literally 40 to 50 games for my 360.

I’ve subscribed to Xbox Live for four plus years. I like the ecosystem, I like Kinect (at least, my 9-year-old likes the Kinect; my wife and I like the voice commands for Netflix), most of my friends like their Xbox’s.

Despite all this, these are why I won’t be getting an Xbox One:

  • I’d prefer not to multitask when I’m gaming. Honestly, the idea of trying to hold a conversation on Skype while play Call of Duty sounds terrible to me.
  • I don’t have and don’t want cable TV. This feature does nothing for me, not to mention, the Google TV-style interface ideas have a pretty decent history of working out poorly (Tivo, Google TV, etc.). I use my 360 primarily for playing games and streaming TV; both of which are going to be built into both systems.
  • “Game publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers.” Used games. Yep, it’s an issue, and the largest one Microsoft has to deal with.
  • Game rentals are out on the Xbox One.
  • You can only trade games with one friend on the Xbox One.
  • The internal hardware is slightly-to-significantly better on PS4.
  • 3GB of the system RAM is used up for OS related stuff. That multitasking is great, but it will come at a price, especially as the Xbox One ages.
  • The price point for the Xbox One is too high, especially given the likely higher long-term cost associated with used game sales (or the lack/restriction thereof).

So a week ago, I was torn on either sticking with the Xbox 360 for a couple of years and seeing if Microsoft changes their tune, or going with the PS4.

I think I’ve made my decision, and now I’ve only got to wait until I can figure out how to round up the $400.

Written by Thomasrpowers

  • kenny

    You do realize that game rentals can be done, used games are exactly like the 360 and you can trade your games to friend just like you do today since microsoft changed their policies right? Have you been living under a rock lately? If you think skype is a terrible idea while gaming and you don’t want to multitask then DON’T! This has got to be the worse article I have read yet on both of the next gen consoles. Get both systems and give up the fanboyism because you are definitely not an xbox fan of 12 years like you claim

  • todd haley

    you sir, are wrong about almost every point was made. this article wouldnt have even been correct like 2 weeks ago.. way to continue the spread of false information

  • B Staff

    Good god, it’s been a month since they changed the used game policies. How can you be so bold as to post this with such misinformation in it? There’s a difference between making a mistake and lying. This is lying.

    If you were, however, misinformed, then you need to check your sources. This is unbelievably false and more levels than just the used game statements.

    The Xbox One is a good piece of equipment, and its specs are almost identical to the PS4. Ask any true computer tech geek, and they’ll tell you that difference in running speeds are so small no one would ever notice. Choosing these consoles based on specs is like choosing to buy something at one grocery store over another because you’ll save two cents.

    The ONLY true gripe anyone has is over the price. Yes, it’s expensive, but new consoles are always expensive. And it’s still cheaper than the PS3 was when it launched. I’m still getting Xbox One. I’ve had a good experience with it over the years and see no reason to think I won’t have one here. The games look great, as does everything else it can do. And the online network is something I KNOW will work.

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  • A Male

    If you have to figure out how to scrounge up $400 bucks between now and November, you probably should pick neither. If the Xbox loses more of these idiots, the less I’ll have to mute/report in the future.

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  • Kevin

    have you been living under a rock? When I buy a cell phone I don’t get pissed off if it has too many features.

    And if you complain about specs vs. PS4 then you obviously haven’t noticed that specs don’t really matter anymore. Both consoles don’t compare to PC.

  • Agosto Nuñez

    Because the Xbox Brand absorbed the Zune-brand, the new-Xbox-Brand will have all of the Zune-brand’s hate and haters, although this is subcounciously, people will hate ”the Zune inside”, the same happened with Windows 8 and R.T., it’s all a plot.

  • Tomo

    What a bunch of lies. Sounds like a personal vendetta again Microsoft.

  • Her0 2 N0one

    What a douche

  • Joey

    I don’t see how having the option to multi-task is a problem?? If you can’t handle talking on Skype while playing Call of Duty then Don’t and if you have problems with that, then you shouldn’t be playing video games and should work on that.

    You don’t need cable tv, what are you even talking about!??

    This DRM and trading games in changed over a month and a half ago, the games are exactly like the Xbox 360′s games, you can go to wherever and trade them in, give them to any friend if you have the disc and I’m sure we will be able to rent them out.

    The PS 4 will also be using a considerable amount of its RAM toward the OS as well, there are a lot of features coming from both consoles no need to gripe on this.

    The Xbox one comes bundled with Kinect 2.0 which costs almost as much as the console itself to manufacture…

    Please take this article down, it is full of misinformation and you using your power as game journalist to post things like this is disgraceful to the community.

  • KillerByte

    Lol, it looks like the writer hasn’t been connected to the internet often or is just a Fanboy of Sony

  • KillerByte

    Trying to spread false information lol

  • KillerByte

    written today, has comments from a month ago.

    • Wes Mitchell

      That’s kind of strange…

  • lolx19

    Yea wtf!? This news makes this website very untrustworthy!
    Microsoft should be able to sue them to spread false information, and then update it like it was posted today.
    F@ck IMG, this really kills your reputation!

  • Wow this site is stupid

    This better be a joke. If this isn’t a joke, then you just ruined whatever reputation this site ever had. Why would anyone look at your news if it’s all wrong? 90% of these points are false. You can trade used games, you can rent. I’m done with this site.

  • Michael Mullis

    Wow. If you had written this article after E3 you would have been ok. But the fact that you are factually incorrect on almost everything you just said since Microsoft modified their plans and still wrote this is really poor writing.

  • SHEEKEN6969

    SWEET!!!! Im just glad we wont have to put up with you type of people on XBOX LIVE. This is actually very good news, you and the rest of the 12 years old will be immigrating to the PS4. I am glad to hear that.

  • conroy123

    You are a complete and utter moron. Please do the world a a favor and…delete this article.

    • Markus Hudobnik

      delete his life

  • Go Ka

    You clearly did not research in the slightest to write this article. Almost every fact is wrong, every statement an opinion, and almost every point was brief and lacked elaboration. You ignored facts about the PS4 that shared those of the Xbox, like the 3gbs of dedicated OS ram (except that the PS4 has 3.5 dedicated gbs of RAM to the OS). You focused on only negatives and did not mention the improved controller, the improved Kinect, and the improved xbox live features.

  • BountyBob

    You fail so hard I don’t have the words to do it justice.

  • Chris z

    Wow what a horrible article. Sony fanboy much? Xbox one all the way. Go USA. If you want to support Japan’s economy just move there please. Spread your BS somewhere else

  • Wes Mitchell

    Wow really? Perhaps you could cite a few sources for all of this misinformation that you are trying to spread. What a poorly written and researched article. This is nothing but link bait. I’d recommend a serious review of internal editing policy if this kind of trash is allowed to be published. It devalues the credibility of this entire website.