Skyrim DLC Xbox 360 and PS3 Patch New Update 2.0 Download Release


Well you see the console companies go through a wonderful process to approve patches made by developers.

First Bethesda has to write a letter in ink and quill warning Microsoft that they are about to send a patch, then that letter travels via horseback to the great valley of silicon.

Then Microsoft summons a council to determine whether to allow the receipt of a patch or not, usually they do, then they light the signal fires over the mountains to Bethesda’s headquarters that they are willing to receive the patch.

Skyrim Patch Update 2.0 on Xbox 360 and PS3?

So now a great adventure gears up and travels on foot with the patch in hand and goes on an epic journey through forests, deserts, mountains which usually takes a month or two depending on how many evil Sony bandits try to stop him.

Then finally the adventurer makes it to Microsoft’s grand castle in the sky where the patch goes through vigorous testing by the worlds greatest wizards and alchemists to ensure its safe for the people, and finally when the high king Bill Gates gives it his royal seal its published on the great servers of Xbox LIVE for all the people to download.

And that’s why patches take so long.


  • PS3 FTW

    WOW, total Xbox lover. -.- it takes a long time due to them testing it themselves. Everything isn’t based on old message carrying.

    I guess that u hate Sony due to you being a Xbox virgin, who wont get laid. Ur jealous that Sony customers get laid, and you wont.

    Sound about right?

    Or are you jealous we got all 3 DLCS for 50% off?

    • IchiYamamoto

      Haha, I’m a ps3 fan myself. Though, XBOX Live recently gave out the DLC at 50%. Though, by then – Xbox owners have already long owned the DLC, themselves.

    • lil chris

      I have an xbox and I get laid all the time. Ps customers r just mad bc we gwt all the dlc way be4 u do

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      We PS3 users don’t want you on our side.

    • kx10ng

      WoW you must only be like 12 yrs old or just some stupid idiot. By far your comment was extremely stupid and gay. Please stop. Your a disgrace to all console player.

    • Matthew Javelet

      Each week we got a DLC and they came out 50% off. I bought them all then and paid what, $22.50? I’m jealous of nothing.

    • Danny Caracciolo

      Well PS3 Content is harder to code….

    • Usoda McLolidesu

      As a fan of both Xbox 360 and PS3, I can say you are a genuine imbecile. Fanboyism is the cancer swiftly killing the gaming community. Also, why would I want to get laid? If I stay a virgin until I’m 30 I’ll become a wizard! (That’s a joke/ reference).

    • Hullo.

      You like your small boys pants like you like your Skyrim DLC then?

  • Husky Davies

    Xbox fanboyism is getting old -.- Microsoft is as evil as Sony. Also, even though the PS3 is somewhat inferior to the Xbox, it not only lasts longer but its exclusives are far superior. What do you Xbox guys have… let’s see… Forza 4? Really nice game I must admit, and I would buy an Xbox just for it. But Gran Turismo 5 is the king of racing games bar none. Halo? Oh yeah, a fairly good shooter, though overrated in my opinion. And after that… not much left. PS3, let’s see… God of War, Gran Turismo, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Resistance, Kill Zone…

    As for Skyrim, it’s really not meant to be played in a console, so both consoles suck big time when playing this game.

    Now, as for keeping on topic. It’s kinda lame that Bethesda said it would be out by the end of last month. I want to start a new game with the new update since my first game was started between DLC packs and a couple of updates, so the game save is all messed up. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft hurry it up, because there are a couple of fixes I’m really interested in besides the new level cap removal. Some news on behalf of both companies would be nice.

    • Ray Adams


      • Bethesda go fuck urself

        Totally agreed. I have been waiting for this patch and i was so fucking excited about it. “It will be released by the end of this month”. Thats what they said. Fucking liars, always the same shit.

        Do you think we, console users, are stupid or something? do we look like assholes?

        • Sir_Jake_Jake

          I agree they always give us ps dates that they never meet. and some of the issues thst r getting fixed shoulda nvr been issues or shoulda been fixed a year ago.

    • Usoda McLolidesu

      Fanboyism in general is getting old. Fanboys on all sides are pure idiots, whether they’re fanboys of Xbox 360, PS3, or PC.

    • Reggie

      “even though the PS3 is somewhat inferior to the Xbox…” – I stopped reading after that rediculous statement. You can’t complain about fanboyism when you make factually incorrect statements like that.

      • Husky Davies

        Give me a proof that I’m wrong. Bethesda admitted it. They had problems optimizing the game for the PS3. Many companies state the same too. And at the end, who cares? I have a PS3 and I wouldn’t change it. All my favorite games are available for the PS3 anyway. You obviously read my comment wrong.

    • Jamel Frazier

      I agree with everything you said, accept GT5 being king of racers. I hate that game so much. The cars sound like they came straight out of 1995 N64 racer. The physics just don’t feel real, it’s like the cars have zero weight to them. It might be just me, but I was enormously disappointed with GT5. Now the soundtrack is just genius with a little help from Mary Jane ;). This is just my opinion, I don’t care how many cars are in a game, if you can’t customize the livery and rims, tune them, and have them sound like the real thing. I won’t buy it, especially if I’ve driven a Toyota 4Runner in real life, and the GT5 version feels nothing like it, yet GT5 is king of physics.

  • Connor

    The BEST article I’ve read about the verification process … EVER! Had quite a laugh.

  • Tom Schumacher

    Patch was submitted to microsoft for verification last week. Bitch at them for not releasing it.

  • rob vandergrift

    the thing that annoys me the most besides them saying end of march is the fact we get no new info to what’s going on no release date and the only thing they gave us was TBA in the article that said being sent into sony and microsoft for certification. bethesda i guess doesn’t care about bad rep. i’m going to guess sometime next week we might hear something new about it but the release will still be TBA.

  • Chiricahua

    I enjoyed your story until the slam against Sony. I was thinking it was a nice whimsical story to help us Skyrimmers get through this time of waiting for the patch. But, alas. It wasn’t about Skyrim fans at all. When will you learn that Skyrim is Skyrim? It doesn’t matter the platform.

  • Parker Morris

    I agree with Connor. This article was pretty damn funny. Im pretty pissed though. First, I had to wait a year for all three DLC’s on playstation. Now, I’ve gotta wait for who knows how long for 1.9 patch. I’ll be patient…but Bethesda, your really starting to piss alot of people off! Get your heads out of your asses!!!

  • Draconis Blackwater

    OR… It is still to buggy to release on consoles

  • Vindictus

    I recommend going to This is their forums and if you want to know more about the 1.9 patch then we will help you. This site is the direct link to Bethesda and also where the beta testing is. Come join our community :D

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  • Hullo.

    This was probably out first and then some awkward teenager saw it, giggled like a fairy, and proceeded to re post it somewhere else in a very in-vain attempt to be funny on The Internet. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened.

  • Tim

    This guy is kind of dumb. I wonder if he even realizes that Bill Gates isn’t the CEO of Microsoft anymore. Or how long it takes to code and debug.

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