Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU13 Better Multiplayer Than PC


4J Studios needs to kick it into high gear leading into Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition TU13 update release.

There should be as little delay as possible in getting the to the point that it’s up to date with the original game.

The Xbox 360 version may be poised to overtake the PC version in quality due to it’s UI in my opinion, at least once it’s updated, even with the absence of multiplayer servers.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU13 Release With Multiplayer Servers?

You just can’t beat not having to fiddle with the PC version UI.

But, then maybe the PC version could adapt a “Controller UI” and a “Classic UI” system.

And if that’s possible, why not maybe create some sort of server system.

I understand it’s a huge issue, but it’s as simple as this.

The cloud system exists to allow a person to save his files into the Xbox LIVE system for backup.

What if, rather than traditional servers, we allowed a person to save to a “Minecraft Xbox 360 Cloud.”

This cloud would act as the save location for a group of individuals Minecraft world.

When a person logged in when nobody else was on the world, they would download the game and accept host.

Then, if somebody new logged in, in the same way a game of Call of Duty switches hosts based on whomever might have the best signal quality for everyone, the game determines whose Xbox 360 is best apt to act as server right then.


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  • Young lavish

    Good idea

  • tinagirlkitten

    cant wait

  • Austin Christmann

    When though

  • Matt. St**e

    … Your title tells us that tu12 is out now. The idiots that name their articles has to grow up and stop misleading us.

    • syfy snyp

      That is all they do. They dont even list sources and you can tell that they dont do their research as they list things that are wrong. This whole site is a joke and not a real news site. More a bloggers then anything. Shame they get to go on googles news feed.

  • jack

    nice try hiding your name s&r but anyone can still see the dipshits that right misleading articles. I told you to close down your site not to rename it and make it the same bullshit. dumbass fuckers

  • Angry Nerd

    You motherfuckers keep misleading me… you are terrible make yourselves useful and get euthanized

  • Shingo Nichols

    this is the best minecraft blog i have ever seen http://mcmlgpro.blogspot.ca/

  • Smabblez

    I REALLY HOPE THEY ADD SERVERS!!! though they probably won’t. :/

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  • Tyric Anderson

    if they do that how would we download