Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 and TU13 Delayed Release Date


The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition gets update every month.

The PC version is further ahead because they do not have any rules to follow.

Why There Is No Minecraft Xbox 360 Update Every Month

The company that develops the Xbox 360 Edition, 4J Studios, has to follow all of Microsoft’s rules and regulations when it comes to updating a game. The PC is also further ahead because it’s about 3 years older than the Xbox 360 Edition.

Just so you know as well, the Xbox 360 Edition will never catch up to the PC version because it isn’t meant to. They’re two different version of Minecraft. The Xbox 360 Edition will soon be getting a lot of unique content.

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Xbox and PC are developed by two different companies. While the PC only really gets an official update once every few months. Snapshots are a beta test of an update that is to come.

While looking at Xbox, 4J has to go through Microsoft’s Cert Testing in order to be distributed to us to download. It also costs money each cert test that 4J has to do compared to the PC.

While the PC version has the freedom of the community, Microsoft holds a stricter policy and only developers approved by Microsoft can work on the console for updates, add ons, skin packs, ect…

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notch console xbox 360 300x253 Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 and TU13 Delayed Release DateThe PC is and has always been a more open source environment than the gaming consoles. As others have stated, Microsoft has complete control of what go onto their console and they have rules. Each update must be certified by them and that takes time. They are also likely limiting the number of updates 4J can apply to put through the certification process and/or how frequently they can attempt to put an update through the certification process. If they allowed Minecraft to take up all the schedule room in the certification process, they would be taking away slots from other Xbox games.

If what you want is ad hoc community programmed things for Minecraft and quick and dirty updates every single week, then your best bet is to play it on the PC. Personally, I like the slower pace of updates on the Xbox and not having to sift through a bunch of little separate added programs before I play the game. Isn’t it great that we both have an option (i.e You CAN play on the PC and I can play on the Xbox).

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    I’m pretty sure 4J tweeted saying that TU12 isn’t near finished and it won’t be out in June, so I have no idea where this is coming from.