Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds Update 12 Release TU12 Patch


Some people don’t think that Minecraft, whether its on PC or Xbox 360, is a game.

This is because there is no real way to “beat” it, even though the Xbox 360 version which is in the past doesn’t have “The End” until TU9 update.

But that isn’t what this game is about anyways.

Live Minecraft Xbox 360 Life To The Fullest Without New Update

Sure, you can drive through the Xbox version and getting your dose of achievements, but the real purpose of playing Minecraft – as some would describe it – is because it’s just so rewarding to set your imagination free.

That’s why many people start a lot of worlds in the game especially with how XBLA is much more in-depth to what the PC has to offer.

So, when exactly do you start a new world in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition?

Let’s hear from the players themselves:

I create a new world every time I begin work on a new major project. I prefer to limit each world to one mega-build, as not to clutter the area with randomness.


I was starting a new world with every update, but I’ve kinda lost all hope with MC

I don’t mean that I fed up with the game. I mean that I keep starting new worlds, then realising that there’s no point in finishing it cause it’ll be useless when the game is updated.

I’m a survival fan more than creative. I know I could add features in with creative, but I don’t see the point.

I think that once all the terrain gen updates are finishes, I’ll find a decent world and stick with it. Until then, I just kinda mess around.


Since I only play on survival, massive builds mean massive mining expeditions over a period of weeks, so I tend to stay with a world for a month or two. I was really miffed when terain changes totally wrecked the climate (like total Ice Age man) in my massive cart system build.

However, I’ve come to accept that I will start a new build when it changes again. The new features eventually make the pain worth while so I’ll stop whining about it now. (maybe)

Once I’ve moved on, I only revisit old worlds when I’m feeling nostalgic or want to see how my skills have progressed. Ah yes my first dirt house, mountain cave house, above ground house, first circular house, first cart station, first massive mansion… Ah yes I remember them well…

I have also been collecting seeds to try after the next update. They look good now but that could change. When TU9 comes out I’ll likely spend a few days looking for a new world unless one of these seeds work well.


Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Bill

    “especially with how XBLA is much more in-depth to what the PC has to offer.”

    This is flat out wrong.

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  • BOB

    um………..IT DOES HAVE THE FRIGGIN’ END. Whoever wrote this is misinformed. Highly. These people are almost as bad as S&R.

    • BOB

      sorry, talking about description for “FRIGGIN’ END” part.

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  • Marc

    The author of this article is an idiot. The Xbox version by 4J Studios is crap. It’s almost a year behind on the PC now. Too many differences to list them all. The materials, the textures, the redstone capabilities, the world sizes, the mobs are all way behind the PC version. Don’t spill some bullshit saying “it’s because of the hardware”, because thats a bunch of bullocks. Xbox is a compact low-end PC.
    Xbox gets an update about once every 3-4 months now. It is in no way keeping up with the PC version.
    Mojang: Either tell 4J to pull their thumbs out of their arses or find a new studio to do the Xbox version.
    Copy and paste

    • muerto1

      Xbox version is not crap 4J said they are taking the Xbox version in their own direction and not exactly taking the same route the PC version is taking. That’s why they are not trying to keep up with the PC version. They never said that the Xbox version was going to mimic the PC version. If that were the case then why isn’t PE the same when its nothing like the PC .

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  • Don Jacobs

    Marc, it IS the hardware. PC Minecraft has access to more memory, virtual memory, and the hard drive file system. Xbox 360 systems only have 512 megs of memory, TOTAL, and occasional saves. You can’t have unlimited worlds with that configuration. Add to that, the RISC processor in it, and the rest of the hardware, does NOT make it even similar to a low end PC, so get educated.
    The XB1 IS related to a PC, granted, one more aligned with todays mid-stream systems.
    You should never presume the 4J version is crap. It is what it is because of the limitations the 360 applies to all games it runs. The XB1 version takes advantage of the better hardware, so bigger worlds are possible.
    It is sad when techno-morons stat spouting dirbble.

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  • muerto1

    Looks like the editors and the person that wrote this article were smoking banana peals again. Its funny how this site along with S&R post nothing but speculation, false information, and absolutely nothing new. Most of the articles they post are about things that have been reported months ago. They also have a thing for reposting articles that they published months ago but they put a newer date. How shameful.

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  • bige

    I really wish that the game would update right now the xbox is fun but I have so much more desire to play the computer I just don’t have the friends that I do on xbox I wish the worlds were at least doubled and that it was more challenging like the computer version with the baby zombies and armored zombies and that there were more features I just hooe the update comes out soon considering the fact that computer version updates come out a lot faster than the xbox does