Minecraft Xbox 360 Incomplete TU12 Update Release Available?


We know we bought an incomplete game in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and was going to have to deal with all kinds of bugs and issues.

Surely, we don’t or won’t get serious on a map until the last biome is added (Jungle) which hopefully results in the last time we will have to restart a world to get all the add-ons.

Then it will be the best time to get serious.

The Incomplete Story of Minecraft Xbox 360 Update

This was most likely the best if not only approach everyone should have taken. However, we forgot how bad things can be with PC games, which, let’s face it, this is in it’s current porting approach.

As Xbox 360 consumer, we certainly don’t expect updates to destroy the effort we’ve put into a game, which no other game does.

As a result of trusting developers, 4J, Mojang and Microsoft Studios, DrAtomic1, a Minecraft Xbox 360 player, dove into it spending months and months building our world together with his girlfriend, every hour they had, weekends and nights, to the extend that we were designing buildings on the beach during our holiday using grid paper.

Every patch issues were introduced, most we worked around, however enderman destroying their carefully landscapped area and buildings is where they got really upset, then TU7 hit them with a major worldwide oil disaster.

Disheartened? That’s an understatement for them.

Do we understand the challenges 4J Studio faces, we surely do, however his girlfriend is very simple about it, she is outraged and doesn’t care about the development process at all, as she shouldn’t have too as a customer.

Moving on, thinking towards a solution; a world editor which allows us to change each chunk to it’s correct biome and reset the Nether and The End with the editor determining a new seed number and weather pattern based on that data would solve it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/corey.guerrero.9 Corey Guerrero

    When is the god damn update!!!!!!!

    • Derek Froese

      They aren’t even talking about the TU9 update, they are speculating on what they would like to see in the TU10 more than a month down the road which hasn’t even been started yet. Another prime example of a misleading title to get views, bunch of scumbags whose writers apparently failed grade 7 English given the grammatical errors. As to when the TU9 update gets released, it is still unknown. It’s in Microsoft certification testing right now. We might get it this week if we’re lucky, next week if we’re not.

      • http://twitter.com/MadMontyMN Tom Monty Burns

        I’m guessing tomorrow or Wednesday, as it was put into MS Cert testing 9 days ago.

      • http://twitter.com/KjGSwaqq Tony Mejia

        It`s being released on Friday.

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  • http://twitter.com/MadMontyMN Tom Monty Burns

    Endermen wrecked their buildings? Did they know they could play on Peaceful?

    • JIm

      Endermen also can’t touch buildings.

      They can only pick up dirt, sand gravel, clay, netherrack, cacti, pumpkin, mellon, and TNT.

      If you build a house/structure out of those blocks, then you should expect it.

  • Carlos Flores

    Ok ,guys i was talking with 2 of 4J studios members with my friend yesterday to prove i did meet them and they said it depends on microsoft when it is release but (cant say gamertag) said it was to come out yesterday at midnight or sometime today. 100% not lying about this

  • http://www.facebook.com/7brandonhh Brandon Head

    its coming out on friday 4j studios just tweeted it check there twitter page no april fools

  • Cody smith

    The update is not that bad. Its that fact you gotta restart everything you do every fucking time.

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  • Danny

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