Minecraft Xbox 360 Cloud Technology For TU13 Update


Cloud saving technology in next Minecraft Xbox 360 update?

Give the player an option to “Save server to File Share on Exit.”

Anybody’s name tied to that server can access a copy in file share.

New Minecraft Xbox 360 Update With Cloud Save?

When you exit, the copy on the fileshare is overwritten with your copy.

If you are currently using the copy on the fileshare, it is temporarily “ghosted” (the save is there, but another player cannot access it; they instead get an option to join the person currently using the copy.)

The ghosting also prevents the file from being completely wiped, in case the person accessing accidentally loses connection, power, etc.

The original owner, the person who made the server in the first place, has the option of removing gamertags from their server copy, and always gets a full copy on their filesave (it is never ghosted.)

Perhaps, if it isn’t so taxing on the software, they might even get ALL the saves, so they can rollback to a time of their choosing (just in case one of the players goes nuts and craps all over the save, but the other players don’t want to lose their progress as well.)

If done correctly, you would never need an “always-on server”, and it uses the technology already available (fileshare/cloudshare, hard drives) to achieve a near “always on” state.