Learn Top Programming Languages 2013


Learning simpler languages will certainly help.

It will teach logic and how to structure algorithms.

Learning Code – Best Language to Start

Programming languages have a lot in common, while loops, if statements, conditional tests, etc.

Learning any programming language will teach those things. However there are sometimes very major differences in syntax and the way data is handled.

Knowing the finer details of a language is very important and it is this finer details that languages do not share.

Think of “learning to program” as “learning to speak” and “learning a programming language” as “learning a language”.

As a child you learn to speak while learning any language. In the same way, you learn to program while learning any programming language.

It’s just that there are different languages. Same as with a spoken language some find transitioning between languages very easy, some may find it slightly more difficult; especially for somebody who finds it difficult to break from what they are use to.

We need to clarify though, transitioning between programming languages is much much easier than transitioning between spoken languages so do not be too put of by a transition. That’s because you don’t have to learn a whole new lexicon (a massive dictionary of words) you do have to learn some new rule or details though.