iPhone 6 Apple Special Event Coming Next Month?


At this point, 32GB of storage space should be the base model.

With all the data caps, we wouldn’t be surprised if they bump new iPhone base model from 16GB to 32GB.

It’s one more proof point for Apple to promote the iPhone 5S when it comes out.

32GB iPhone 6 release will be the base model?

Last time Apple bumped up the min storage capacity was for iPhone 3GS.

Apple’s iPhone 3GS was launched with minimum 16GB and 32GB config

Since then, it has been:

2009: iPhone 3GS – 16GB, 32GB | iPhone 3G – 8GB
2010: iPhone 4 – 16GB, 32GB, 64GB | iPhone 3GS – 8GB
2011: iPhone 4S – 16GB, 32GB, 64GB | iPhone 4 – 8GB, iPhone 3GS – 8GB
2012: iPhone 5 – 16GB, 32GB, 64GB | iPhone 4S – 16GB, iPhone 4 – 8GB

The 2011 model iPhone 4S is available in 16GB config since iPhone 5 launch, which is an anomaly given that the second tier iPhones were historically available in 8GB config.

This gives me a reason to believe that iP5s will launch with 32/64/128 config.

Also, max spec for iPad was recently bumped to 128 GB.

We also believe that the same is going to happen with iPad and iPad Mini in the fall.

iPad 5th Gen – 32/64/128, iPad 4th Gen – 16 GB
iPad Mini Retina – 32/64/128, iPad Mini 1st Gen – 16 GB

But, it seems like the majority of Apple fans don’t want more than 16GB.

We say if you only want 16 GB you can get one of the older models. No sense in Apple staying at 16 GB forever.

Some people think the price of the iPhone will go way up if Apple increases the storage.

Well, they are just a little too used to Apple’s over inflated pricing.