iPad 5 Release Date Teaser Coming September 2013?


Are you looking for a new iPad?

Apple’s iPad 4 wasn’t supposed to come out until March or April, one calendar year approximately after the iPad 3.

But because of the lightning connector, they decided to put the powerful A6X processor out, reuse the iPad 3 form factor and screens and just keep the cables consistent.

Why there will be no iPad 5 release this month

That and the technology to make an iPad as thin as the Mini was likely not ready. The A6X is a powerful chip.

Putting it on a smaller motherboard takes time.

They shifted the schedule to put the iPad out later in the year, closer to the holidays and as a result, their sales exploded at least for the iPad Mini.

This is Apple we’re talking about, not Nicholas Cage movies.

They aren’t just gonna start churning them out of the woodwork like straight to DVD prison fighting movies.

The iPhone is September. It’s always been September and it’s going to continue to be September.

The new iPad is around the same time. That’s just how it is.

They ticked a lot of people off with the iPad 4 coming out months after the iPad 3.

If they drop that bomb again, people will be infuriated.