GTA V World: Can you Sell Cars In GTA 5?


Some have said there is no point buying a car from dealerships in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V when you can steal them away off other people.

Well, in that respect, what’s the point of killing people with guns when you just can run them over with your car?

Why Buying a Car in GTA 5 Has a Point

What’s the point of earning money through missions when you can just kill pedestrians and steal their money?

What’s the point of reading this article? Okay, the latter did not make any sense.. but you get our point.

In all seriousness: You don’t want to break the window, or you don’t want to be chased by the police when you can just legally get a car without damage at all.

  1. Consistency
  2. Purpose to spend money
  3. Less risk

To expand on each point:

There is a huge variety of cars in GTA V.

What are the chances of finding the one you want?

A dealership guarantees this, and in only a few minutes, too.

It will give rich endgame players something to throw their money at.

Rockstar Games said it will be more difficult to steal things, such as their example about stealing an airplane — that the airport security won’t take kindly to it.

We assume stealing cars will also be somewhat of a challenge.

Buying a car saves you this trouble.

If you buy it then you’ll be linked to it.

So, if you use it for any crimes then the police will appear at your house and try arrest you.

Also, they could make it so that car stays in memory for longer so if you go back it won’t disappear and if you leave it too long they’ll tow it and tell you to pick it up for a fee.

If you wreck it or someone crashes into you then you can get car insurance to pay for a single Pay N Spray visit or give you a new car.

Another thing would be that if you buy a cheap car after so long you can get a discount on a better car if you give them back your old car.

Just some ideas on why you should buy a car over stealing it.

Doubt it’ll happen though.


  • DEEZ

    one of the better pointless gta v articles

  • Liam

    Yeah it will be like the infernus, it was extremely rare you saw one driving around, it was the most difficult car to find or like the sultan rs its a hidden car, so I think they will make it more like that, possibly the cheap cars and old bangers will be easier to steal than the luxury vehicles.

    • IchiYamamoto

      Yeah, that sucked. The Infernus was only given to the player at two different points in the main story. But, was found everywhere in TBOGT.
      Sultan RS being ‘hidden’ only required you to travel to one spot where you had 100% chance of finding it.

  • IchiYamamoto

    In response to the article itself and the ideas presented, I’m all for them. Naming an example would be Sleeping Dogs. The cars you buy/unlock stay in your garage, which you can cycle through to pick the car and its colors as well as set one to have a friend or such person deliver it to you.
    Either way, much problems with open-world games is the surplus amount of money that mean absolutely nothing once you’ve completed the story or full game. Now, Rockstar mentioned that there will be activities or other things that you can use your money on in the GameInformer article – though, they didn’t go into much detail.

  • Grit Game Engine

    Why is this posted in the news?

  • McGaheyMan

    I really like this idea whenever it comes up, but some of the things you mention like “cops tracking you down at your house” are a little too ‘real-world hastle’ for me. That would certainly be an annoying feature.

  • rob

    Think about the title that you typed…buying a car in GRAND THEFT AUTO

  • Unknown

    Interesting yet totally pointless article.

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  • ktothec

    how the fuck do you sell the paradise van? does anyone know??