GTA 5 Season Pass BioShock Infinite DLC


There are a lot of games lately that have a season pass, a pass that gives you access to all the DLC that will come out for a game.

This encourages people to buy something which they know nothing about because it will be cheaper than buying the DLC’s seperately.

Why we think GTA 5 will have this?

EA’s “Season Ticket” DLC model for GTA 5

Simple because almost all of the Take-Two games have had this lately.

L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3, Borderlands 2, and lastly, Bioshock Infinite.

It’s not only the Season passes that have started to emerge with take two games, there seem to be a lot more DLC packages for Take-Two games.

GTA IV had 2 DLC add-ons, but they were an entire addition to the story with a new storyline, missions, cars, weapons, songs, and what not.

But Red Dead Redemption had way smaller DLC and so did Max Payne 3.

So we’re concerned that all of this is going to happen to GTA V.

It’s like a chicken-and-egg thing.

They put up the Season pass for sale, without us knowing what we will get for our money.

Then after a while, they take the income from the Season Pass sales, skim off 40% for management and profit margin, and the remaining money becomes the DLC budget.

The more passes they sell based on fan confidence and trust, the bigger the DLC will be.

Don’t get this wrong, we think GTA V is going to be great and we are excited for it but this crazy DLC madness could affect GTA as well.

What do you guys think?

  • GTAV>NextGen

    never bought a season pass before and even a game like gta v wont convince me to