GTA 5 News: Miley Cyrus Hollywood Treatment In-Game


Hollywood treatment for Grand Theft Auto V?

In GTA 5 we would love to see a few of the more famous NPC’s implemented as full blown celebrities.

In the game world they would go about their daily routines, attending red carpet events, and being stalked by the paparazzi.

Hollywood Stars and Movies in GTA 5

Since the game takes place in “movie magic central” a.k.a. Hollywood, we think a feature such as this holds a lot of potential.

Imagine taking a casual drive through downtown LA and you see the paparazzi furiously snapping pictures at a string of celebrities walking down the red carpet for the debut of blockbuster movie.

It would be cool to “assassinate” a celebrity too.

Just picture Trevor on the rooftop of a nearby building looking down the scope of a sniper on a red carpet event, then BAM! Everybody runs in fear and the police sit there confused and then the search is on.

I really hope we get some more of this kind of thing. The only way we get to experience any of this is in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there was this mission where you drive the celeb into the ocean.

It would be great if we get parodies of men like George Clooney, Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, so we can pour petrol over them as Trevor, and watch as they slowly burn to death while screaming to the Gods.

A spectacle watch, and an even greater one to have some fun with.

Can you imagine Trevor stalking some Vinewood porn star?

Celebs in GTA 5?

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  • bobby

    do you want rockstar to get sued?

    • Vince McMahon

      They wouldn’t have to get sued if they used different names

  • Nilufar Jalali

    thats a great idea we can use celebs but base them on real ones for example the city n grand theft auto is los santos which is being really portrayed as los angles the same thing can go for celbs.

  • TheUnknownInternetUser

    I think celebs would be a great idea like the ones from IV, but I think it would go a bit to far as in parodies…

  • Steve Ripshaw

    assassinate J.B. for real, with trevor, lol

    • Niklas Griffiths

      Amg best idea ever! though I think they have to rename him ;D to like justina bieber HEHEAHEAYEYAE! but works aswell :D

  • Niklas Griffiths

    How can people even vote no? dafuq.


    No No NO!!! Stay the hell away from GTA 5 you damn Hollywood people all you do is ruin tv and movies. Don’t try and ruin GTA 5 with You’re celebrity crap or i will feel the need to burn hollywood to the ground.

  • Vayderr

    Sooooooo….. What Happens if we kill all the celebrities?

  • Bob

    killing J.B. would be awesome.

  • derpdedurr

    Now I know how this site survives. This site sucks so bad that people forget everything about it, then later an interesting link is seen, and people read the shitty article and then look at the site name and go,’Oh shit, this site again.” And that’s how you keep getting hits.

  • James

    And what happens once you killed them all? If your going to have specific look alikes then it would suck if there was more than one. I’m up for Hollywood actors all the same though.

  • J.R. Reyes

    Ha speaking of celebs. Phil Collins actually played as himself in VCS & numerous of celebrites voice acted in SA. So why not? after all it is modern day Los Angeles. Hollywood baby yeah!