GTA 5 Kidnap Famous Person During Heist


In Red Dead Redemption you can role-playing as bandits who robbed people and held them for ransom.

So what if in Grand Theft Auto V we could kidnap innocent pedestrians, put them into the trunk of or cars, take them to out apartment or safe house and hold them for ransom?

GTA V Kidnapping Feature For Ransom, Reward or Extortion

This would be a pretty cool feature in our opinion and many different scenarios could come up:

  1. The police could raid your safe house, and rescue the person.
  2. A ‘missing person’ report could go up on in-game TV and news websites, with a picture of the person you kidnapped.
  3. You are paid the ransom, and you can choose to let the hostage go, or just kill them.
  4. Your hostage turns out to be a member of a mob family, and members of the mob come for you and attempt to kill you. This will mean you will either have to move the hostage to a different safehouse, kill the hostage or let them go.

Let us know what you think of this idea, and post any scenarios you would like to see happen!

  • Nic Ryan

    wow. this is actually an interesting idea :)

  • CP

    great feature!!

  • Jonathan Mitchell

    i love it put that feature in the game please!!!!

  • Lane white 75

    Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!



  • Özgür Küçük

    this do not need

  • Andrew Vale

    Yes Please Sounds a Fun Feature

  • bobby

    doesnt sound fun and they wouldnt risk it they would get into even more trouble, thats like wanting the option to rape ncps, if i wanted them to add anything it would be realism mode were you get arrested,go to jail and either escape or do time, gas for cars, longer wanted time, and no health point if you get shot in the head dead thats it, and you wake up with no money guns and everything else, also getting shot in certain limbs would restirct you in someway, running, climping shooting, bleed damage too. but i doubt it and i honestly wouldnt play that mode to often.

    • McGaheyMan

      All the features you mentioned above like “gas for cars” would have to be settings that can be toggled on and off because they would really annoy a lot of people

    • Joey Misita

      You would rather go to jail opposed to kidnapping someone? SMh

    • Joseph

      Sounds like you’re in GTA to use as some sort of……driving simulator..what a shame.

    • James

      Honestly I can’t see there not being a similar feature. You obviously have not played RDR. In that you could tie women/men up and do things like put them on train tracks and watch them get splattered or shoot them in the wild. It’s actully a fairly loved feature in RDR and you did get wanted if someone noticed you doing it. Can’t see why they wouldn’t put this in GTA as it not a risk at all tbh.

  • Guest


  • Mãðħâv Îßñ Íå Åhäd

    It would be awesome

  • Louis

    I’m sure I speak for everyone (or at least most people that are going to buy grand theft auto 5) when I say this, this would be great. It will make people to want to play longer. And this could be a feature to get more people to buy the game. And it would be a game that people would want to play for a really long time. You should be able to do more “realistic” abilities, like this, in a game.

  • disqus_b0pRapymUv

    i really hope they have this in the game. Sounds like a great feature to install to the new Highly Anticpated Grand Theft Auto ;)

  • disqus_b0pRapymUv

    whos fully paid( preordered) their copy of GTA5 :D!? I did :)!

  • Louis

    Another idea would be that maybe a certain police officer(could be the person(s)’s you kidnapped father or mother or just a police officer emotionally tied to the case) takes it upon him/herself to take on the case alone. Then he finds where you held the person you kidnapped and you can choose to kill him or take him a hostage too. Then you could sell them or anything you want to do with them. Or when you try to sell the person you kidnapped to another person, the buyer turns on you and takes you both hostage. Then you would have to find a way to get out of the buyers’ hands. If grand theft auto wants to truly be better than saints row (especially saints row 4), they have to do more activities like this.

    • Idiot

      That sounds like a dumbass idea stfu and jump off a bridge. Don’t EVER make ideas for a gta game again.

  • MinecraftGeek

    Or do an ET, get an old bike with a basket, take someone hostage and sit them in the bikes basket with a towel on there head so they think it’s ET and is you cycle past them get ridiculous comments like a guy shouting “ET GO HOME!”

  • TheUnknownInternetUser

    Holy moo!!!!! A good topic for once :D

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  • Jose villasenor

    This should be a mission and your future could change depending on what happens to the hostage, bit then again its to late.

  • SL1DE

    I’ve been posting this idea all over GTAForums for months… It would be awesome to tie people up and stuff them in the trunk!

    • SM4RT Guy

      Red Dead Redemption but instead you stuff them on the back your horse…and you can do that in Sleeping Dogs =D

      • SL1DE


  • Minecraftcreeper3467

    If u do it, I’ll buy it

  • Minecraftcreeper3467

    Do it and ill buy it

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  • Calvin Delplesche

    That will indeed be a great feature but please lets not come up with any more suggestions because last time we did that Rockstar delayed the game for a few months and am sure was to add features that was not included in the game heheheeee

  • Eat A Stupid Butt

    i hate these articles. stop pretending you have new info. a question is not an article title. you lure people in by naming your article shit like, “Eminem in new GTA” and then the article is bullshit like, “I really think Eminem would be good to have on GTA V’s soundtrack because he’s famous…yada yada yada.” i curse you every night before i go to bed. your articles do not pass any information on to the reader. all they do is infuriate people that clicked to see a legit newsworthy story.

  • Joseph

    Maybe something like more situations to arise out of the things you already mentioned, such as part 4. Sometimes you might get a text or an alert out on the news from a scared mother/father or othertimes the next of kin is a cop/other line of badass profession (army general? that’d be sick) or something along those lines, and the more powerful the person you just nabbed the harder it is to deal with the situation. The only problem I can think of so far is fitting so much stuff on a disc and also the problem of where to find this ”well connected victim”, maybe they could regularly attend things like exclusive social events/they’ve been a part of cutscenes with important people (think about the time you meet Faustin in GTA IV) his wife is in that scene, maybe when you’re randomly in perseus you see her and can initiate a hostage situation? That’d be cool!


    all i read was the first three words

  • Bob

    interesting. but i doubt it will be in the game.

    • James

      Why is that? It does not seem that unlikely to me. Apart from hunting tieing people up in RDR was proberly one of the most loved features in the game. It’s not as if it’s a risk as R* already know their fans love that kind of feature. Honestly I can’t see them not putting it in.

      • Bob

        space issues? cutting out minor parts of the game? i forgot something like it was in red dead, but to me i didnt consider it to be full on kidnapping, because you couldn’t hold them for ransom.

        • James

          No I don’t think there will be a ransom bit but definitely kidnapping (similar to red dead). It’s actully like 99.9% chance it will have a feature like this in the game. If you watch the gameplay video there’s a bit they talk about bountys. How are you suppost to get a bounty to the destination, I mean they are not exactly going to get in your car willingly. Just my thoughts.