GTA 5 Golf Online Games


In GTA 4 there was pool, darts, golf and a few more.

We’d like to see these games in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Golf Courses and Other Mini-Games


Dice games are one of the most popular gambling games in the hood. The things people say in these games are hilarious.

Rockstar Games could have a ball with the dialog for this.

They could have them in gambling shacks, in hallways of the projects or out on the sidewalk.

You just walk up to the group and join.

Sometimes they would be playing for a few dollars a turn and other times $1000′s.

It would be a cool way to make money whether by winning or just robbing the whole group.


This game is also popular in the hood.

We’d like to see people playing dominoes outside in a yard or inside a trap house slamming them.

When we saw the artwork in GTA 4 of the 3 guys playing dominoes we were sure it was in but unfortunately it wasn’t.

Cards games – Same as above. Spades is really the only one we see that fits the hood setting but a few more games for other settings wouldn’t hurt.

Chess or Checkers

Could be in a place like the internet cafe where people are playing these games or there could be tables scattered around the city like in a park or in front of some random shop where some old guy are playing for example.

Playground basketball

They had playgrounds in GTA 4 but you couldn’t play ball on the courts nor where there ever others playing. 5 on 5 probably won’t happen but maybe 3 on 3 or at least 1 on 1 since its on one goal. 1 on 1 could also be a game of horse. Regardless, we’d like to play some ball for some money. It would be pretty funny to see guys get rough and eventually fight or even shoot each other. It happens a lot in real life.

This is where multiple characters could work.

The games mentioned above is very ghetto focused, whereas we could see Trevor doing a few rounds of Arm Wrestling and playing a game of Hi/Low card as seen in The Lost and Damned.

Rockstar introduce a good few games in Red Dead Redemption, which could be played online to via a DLC ack, one of which included Liar’s Dice and Poker.

We think these would be cool little games to add. They should also be available to play online versus real people.

We thought the games in GTA 4 should have been available online but they weren’t.

It would’ve gave us something else to do in free-roam mode. Oh well, hopefully they thought of this for GTA 5. Thoughts and are there any others you’d like to see?


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