GTA 5 Cruelty To Animals


Animal aggression in Red Dead Redemption was ridiculous.

I played the other day and was in Tall Trees for not even 5 minutes and got charged by 7 bears.

GTA V: What To Do If An Animal Attacks You?

It’s the same with pumas – they only have eyes for you and couldn’t care less if there is another, easier game to hunt.

In real life most predators try to avoid attacking humans and will often be scared away if you stand your ground and make loud noises.

There was a great show on Discovery the other night about a camera crew living in an Alaskan valley populated by dozens of grizzly bears.

Not one single attack. They lived there during the mating season and with mothers with cubs present.

GTA V — The Animal Planet

The bears fought each other but left the camera crew alone. One mother with cubs got within about 15 feet of the crew and didn’t even care.

Point is animals are not automatic killing machines.

Thankfully GTA V should not have a problem with grizzlies since they are extinct in California.

Mountain lions are a very real threat and often come into neighborhoods.

There were two loose in my area last week, but I’m in Oregon now, but even in CA there was one a block away from my house.

One of the ones here was chased up a tree by a dog and police caught him. Definitely not the threat they were in RDR. I hope in V there are ways to dissuade the animals from attacking you because it will be a real hassle to explore.

But remember Red Dead Redemption was the first time Rockstar incorporated animals into one of their games.

So it was probably just as exciting for them as it was for us, and they might of over egged the cake as it were.

With GTA V i think animals will be a much more refined experience, and i can’t see the lethal ones being as common.

From what i read on the preview there was some kind of park ranger patrolling, so maybe that’s a hint that the animals are kept mildly in check?

And sharks will be very interesting to see how they attack.

But in general Rockstar have spent ages crafting these areas to explore, they won’t want you getting killed every time you try and have a look around.


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    It’s a game! Also, Red Dead Redemption was not the first Rockstar game with animals. Bully had dogs that you could interact with.