GTA 5 Characters: Why Does Everyone Hate Trevor?


Fans voice their opinion on Trevor, one of the leading trio for Grand Theft Auto V.

Trevor just doesn’t cut it for me, and he’s not refreshing at all.

So far, I find nothing special about him. Oh okay, he’s a psycho, he’s wild, he’s very violent, he’s crazy, but like… so what?

That stuff alone does not make him appear to be very cool or “badass” than any other GTA protagonist, well not in my eyes anyway.

You can do that with anyone, to me it would make no difference who you used.

Official General

Trevor is my favorite, why? Because Michael is authentic to Tommy Vercetti and Franklin is just totally authentic to Carl Johnson… Trevor?

He’s is new, never seen that type before in any GTA game but I will play mostly with Michael and Franklin first and obviously Michael because I prefer to select the character I most like as last! But Mike and Frank are still good though, I liked Mr. Vercetti and CJ too.


Trevor is certainly going to be awesome, and as you said a refreshment, almost like an embodiment of a GTA fan just wreaking havoc in the city.

But I think his character only works in this situation, where we have two others to counteract him. Having Franklin and Michael brings us back to the seriousness of the game and allows us to enjoy the epic storytelling that Rockstar always achieve.

If we didn’t have multiple characters, sure I could see him front a DLC like TLAD/TBOGT but not as the main character in the standalone game.

Either way, this is only going on how he’s been portrayed so far; unhinged and carefree, but there might actually be some tough guy loyalty in there too. We’ll see.


Trevor is different and something fresh for a GTA game. I have no idea if there even be any detailed story about Trevor, I’m sure they will mention his past in the game like what turned him into a psycho, but will that be a good enough explanation or just simply be explained as Niko Bellic and get it over with.


  • jack wagner

    I think that trevor is a necessity, because gta iv was to serious with a crazy character you can have the classic chaotic fun in the gta series but you also have a well balance with the sane characters such as michael.

  • Eat A Stupid Butt

    i talked to Trevor. he said your articles and website are trash. he said get a fucking job.

  • ThatsDisqusting

    Your condemnatory comments are fairly early don’t you think? Considering the game hasn’t come out and all. Trevor will probably have more depth than the shallow recklessness that you describe. Bad bad author.