Google Android vs Apple iOS


Which is better in terms of OS experience: Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android?

I own a Galaxy S3 and an iPad 3. These are the devices this post is based on. Both are running the latest versions of their OS. 4.2.2 and 6.1.3.

Like some people said, “iOS is what Apple makes it. Android is what you make it.” I completely agree with this statement, and it is very much evident in my daily use of both operating systems.

Apple iOS vs Google Android

  1. I turn on my S3, see the cyanogenmod boot animation, and then I can do a bunch of things straight away: Swipe left to my PowerAmp widget, left again to my Google Keep widget, or right to the standard camera widget. I also have 5 apps set for quick swiping from the locker itself. I can swipe down my notification shade and see new emails, texts, calls, words with friends moves, etc. Android is what you make it.
  2. After unlocking the S3, Dash Clock widget shows me the time and any remaining notifications, including the weather. I have 0 icons on my homescreen. I also only have one homescreen. Nova launcher lets me use gestures and taps to open apps, and so do pie controls, which let me open apps even if I’m in other apps, which is extremely convenient. Nova also lets me set animation speed to “light speed”, so everything is literally (well, almost) as fast as light when I’m moving around. I usually start by opening HuffPost, Carbon, Facebook, and Instagram.
  3. I listen to music with Poweramp on android, and it’s great because of its equalizer, notification shade controls, lock screen widget, and LOADS of customization options.
  4. Multitasking: Pie controls and the open apps view in Android make multitasking better than in iOS because it’s much faster to get to apps, but another thing is that Android keeps apps open longer. Real Racing 3, for instance, stays open in the background while I check facebook and twitter, and I can resume my race after leaving it for 10 minutes. Not the case on my iPad. It’ll close.
  5. I love the cheap storage option the SD card slot gives me. Because of it, I saved $200 and bought the 16gb S3, and popped in a 32Gb class 10 sd that cost me $25.

Negatives: The power button doesn’t feel good when I press it. It’s a very bad plastic feeling, not reassuring type touch, and sometimes I have to press it twice. The body is too thin for a solid feel. I wish it was thicker, and that way there could have been a bigger battery – an idea they decided was good enough a few months later when the Note 2 came out. It’s ok now after a lot of presses, but the home button originally needed a pretty hard press each time, unlike the iOS home button, which feels and works much better. The volume rocker is easily pressed by random objects, which is annoying at the gym, when the volume suddenly increases a notch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black levels on this screen, but the fact that the HTC One X’s screen is so much more crisp and sharp clearly shows there’s something compromised about this screen.

  1. I turn on my iPad. “Swipe to unlock”. Alright then. iOS is what Apple makes it.
  2. After unlocking the iPad, I get my first page of app icons. I usually start with Padgram, Facebook, Digg, and Twitter. Using the in app back button is very annoying sometimes, because it’s always in the top of the left corner, which, is the most difficult to reach spot when I’m holding the iPad itself in both hands. I really wish the notification panel had some use. Toggles, anyone? Swiping notifications away?
  3. I read comics on my iPad with Comic Zeal, which is great with the amazing screen, but it’s very annoying to have to upload every comic file through dropbox and then have to download it again into the app. Being able to copy and paste those files would save me a lot of time and bandwidth.
  4. On iOS, not having widgets or pie control or anything but just an app icon is very frustrating because it takes a lot of time, and I have to keep scrolling through home screens to find the app I’m looking for.
  5. Having to connect to itunes to transfer anything is the most maddening thing ever. A normal copy paste file system would be perfect.

Positives: This is the best screen I’ve ever used for anything. The battery life is ridiculous. So much so that I think they should have reduced the battery size and made it thinner like the iPad 2. A metal feel is never a bad thing. I like the iOS podcasts app, and games are a much better experience on this screen with this battery than on the S3. But I’m not sure how fair a comparison that is. Either way, I’d rather play games on the iPad any day of the week. I like that iOS lets you increase the volume by as little as 1%. Android has 15 notches, and that’s it.

I know this was very random, but I wanted to see if anyone has similar feelings in their regular use of both Android and iOS.


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  • Daryl Lee

    I totally agree with your comments. I am giving up iOS for now after being an apple fan for many years. Too restrictive and the new iOS 7 looks are uncreative and uninspiring….. It still lacks flexibility and functionality. Going for Android until apple fixes its design.

    • KalanHowse

      Lol, you are ditching Apple because it lacks flexibility and functionality? Hahaha! Why didn’t you leave 2 years ago when Scott Forstall was in charge of iOS, nothing really changed… So you now leave when finally EVERYTHING changes…? Yeah, nothing you said matches up.

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  • Andrew Roy

    I have both an iPhone 5 and GS3. I also have an iPad 4. I was a original iPhone owner and switched to the gs3 because after everything I heard about android being better, less boring,etc. I wanted to give it it’s fair shake…MISTAKE! The only thing that I am going to miss when I give up this phone is the screen size. Battery life sucks, Android is an old version and there it’s no clear way to update to 4.2.2, typing a text message with Swype is slow and retarded and unfortunate is the only ACCURATE WAY to type text on this phone, multi-tasking it’s not better as you claim as holding down the”plasticy” home button for 3 seconds is a retarded way to get to my open apps…although the close all feature is very nice. Also, finding apps on tge iphone