Fascinating Theory Behind Kingdom Hearts 3


After a whole night of deliberation with my friend, both of us avid Kingdom Hearts fans, we have come to the conclusion that Kingdom Hearts is obviously an allusion to the theory of a collective unconsciousness and the inherent goodness in humanity.

Now if this is obvious as all hell to you, I’m sorry.

I really should’ve realized this sooner.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a Commentary on the Human Unconscious

After discussing philosophy and the subtle nuances of human thought, the collective unconsciousness, the validity of transpersonal psychology and the trauma of birth, it dawned on us both simultaneously of the potential connections to Kingdom Hearts.

The place, that is, and potentially the game as well.

So first off, we have to define Kingdom Hearts and what a heart entails.

We all know that Kingdom Hearts is the collective of all lost hearts, and maybe perhaps all hearts in existence.

A heart is another word for a soul, I suppose. Unless the heartless are literally ripping hearts out of chests.

And a soul could be defined as the ability to think and feel that all humans possess.

Therefore we can conclude that Kingdom Hearts is the collection of all the minds in the universe.

A collective unconsciousness if you will.

Now we go back to look at the potential philosophical ramifications from this point of view.

Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts coming up, if you still haven’t played it for some god-forsaken reason.

In Kingdom Hearts we heard Ansem (Or Xehanort’s Heartless, whatever) claim that Kingdom Hearts was the ultimate source of darkness.

In reality, he got his ass blasted by a ton of light and was annihilated.

This suggests that, perhaps, all humans (or sentient creatures, really) are inherently good, and goodness makes up the heart.

And then we saw that it was also full of darkness(es) and heartless.

This can be taken to symbolize the darkness that also exists in everyone’s heart and our capability for evil.

Now Kingdom Hearts, being a collective of all our souls (or minds) showcases the disparity found in humanity: light and dark, or “good” and “evil”.

Now that was just in KH1.


At the end of KH2 we saw Xemnas attempting to fuse with Kingdom Hearts to attain ultimate power or some cliche thing (at the first look).

Looking deeper however, and using my earlier philosophy, we can now define and understand what is the ultimate power.

Simply put, it is the power of the collective unconsciousness.

Now this is about to get really meta so bear with me.

Essentially, by utilizing the power of Kingdom Hearts, Xemnas would possess the ability to alter reality to whatever he saw fit.

This is in line with our ability to form thoughts out of seemingly nothing.

He would use himself to channel the power of thought into reality, essentially shaping it.

Now, when shit got blown up, he fused with it.

And Sora and team went in after him.

What follows is an absolutely surreal sequence of events that I’m sure we’ve all taken for granted.

Inside the collective unconsciousness, the power of billions of mind working as one, a world of infinite possibilities opens up.

A world that exists in the metaphysical realm outside of our own.

A world in nothing.

The World of Nothing. (This blew my mind).

Called that because for all intents and purposes, it does not exist in whatever conventional terms of existence we would use.

It exists about as much as our thoughts exist, because it is our thoughts.

What does this mean for the future of KH? Now that we can imagine (hehe) the power behind Kingdom Hearts, we can make exciting predictions into how it’ll come into play in Kingdom Hearts 3.

That’s where this crackpot epileptic theory will really shine, I’m sure.

Personally I’m hoping Sora, with his pure heart, is used as a conduit for Kingdom Hearts in the last battle to show that the true power of Kingdom Hearts can only be wielded by one who is one with his own humanity, for lack of a better term.

Now keep in mind I’ve only played Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, CoM and 358/2 Days, so if there’s anything that happens in DDD and BBS with Kingdom Hearts I’m missing someone please fill in for me.


  • http://www.facebook.com/mickinley.baker Mickinley Baker

    a very interesting theory, it is indeed plausible and i can see the connections and perhaps even the subtle hints from DDD, BBS.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mickinley.baker Mickinley Baker

      By the way apsolutely need to play those and see the secret endings “BABY it will Blow your mind” said zaph brannigan

  • Mike

    Couple little inconsistencies…

    The Kingdom Hearts made from people’s hearts in KHII was only artificial. The “real” Kingdom Hearts is the heart of all worlds.

    There is a soul in the KH universe and it’s different from the heart. The soul contains the mind and animates one’s body. The heart is someone’s emotions, memories, and personality.

    Only the princesses of heart have pure hearts. (and ventus through unnatural means) Sora still has darkness in his heart.

    Also, Xemnas has a different motive for creating Kingdom Hearts, but that was added later in DDD.

  • Jonathan

    You mentioned the ones you’ve played and have not, but omitted Re:Coded on either list. Have you played that one?

  • Chase

    Blew my mind, but so did the IT, which I still believe in, but it seems most everyone else was smart enough to dismiss