3DS vs PS Vita


It’s a tough choice, both have their pros and cons with games, but honestly that is subjective and only you can decide which line up is better.

I have both, but I tend to use my Vita a lot more. The reason? PS+. I get a couple free games every month (for 50/60 bucks a year can’t remember what I paid) and if you have a PS3 already, the choice is a no brainer since PS+ also gets you free content on the PS3 (just keep your subscription alive).

Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation VITA: Which One Should You Buy?

I have the original 3DS in black, not the 3DS XL.

I was looking at the XL the other day in Best Buy and it’s an awesome looking machine, the resolution is lower but the screen size puts it in league with a Vita.

The gameplay however, is totally different from a Vita.

I find 3DS games to be more simple in their gameplay but equally fun depending on the title.

What really keeps me glued to my Vita aren’t the AAA games that you can go and buy (or download) in the store, it’s the indie titles that just plain ROCK (don’t get me wrong, games like uncharted are still amazing).

Tales from Space and Guacamelee (same developer) are so much fun and I play them over and over trying to earn all the trophies.

That’s another thing, if you like unlocking trophies or achievements and comparing with friends, that is something Sony totally has over Nintendo.

The one thing I’ll say that’s a huge pain in the ass with Sony, is that it’s really expensive when you consider everything you need.

You buy the console, there’s 250 bucks, then you need a memory card. I have a 16gb memory card and I really wish I purchased the 32gb.

I got my card on sale so it was only about 50 dollars, but a 32 gigabyte will set you back 99.

That’s 350 just for the console and we aren’t even talking about games yet, with Nintendo you can come in at that price with a few really good games.

In the end, you are the best judge for this. If you have friends with portables and want to play multiplayer games, you may find more value in picking the console that most of your friends have.

Myself? I couldn’t choose, so I have both, even though the Vita gets more play time. I’m sure once some new games that I’m interested in come out for the 3DS that’ll change again.


  • Quillsy

    Um….I went with both. I find them both equally fun.

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  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Vita a million times over. The 3DS’ hardware, screen, control inputs, online functionality, game library and OS are just awful, so terrible. The 3DS is just so bad, on the other hand the Vita is my new favorite system and I’ve used it every single day since launch. It’s what the 3DS should’ve been, essentially.


      Yeah just hope they could actually make some games for it and not just ports so i could be tempted to go buy one, still waiting, efff.

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  • 剣ちゃん

    Are you paid real life money to write “articles” like this? Just really curious…

  • Deku-Johnny

    Vita has better hardware but there is only a couple of worthwhile games on it. 3DS has a lot of great titles both out now and coming out in the next couple of years.

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  • Aaron Lefebvre

    3DS has sold nearly 30 million more units than the Vita, and is selling faster than everything in both hardware, and software sales, and its library is constantly growing, and getting better every month. The Vita has yet to sell more than 10 million units, and its library is lackluster. All that power for nothing.

  • platomaker

    Is this a rehash from a similar article from a few years back. I could have swore i read these paragraphs in the exact same order before.