Skills Useful For Business Advertising Writers

Sadly, the actual act of advertising writing can be a motionless, unacknowledged and vexingly monotonous undertaking that many authors might feel is beneath them artistically. With competition heating up worldwide to produce the best writing... Read more →

GTA 5 Weed: Can You Smoke Weed In GTA V?

Do you want to smoke weed in GTA 5? If you remember John Marston from Red Dead Redemption, he had a smoke. Smoking Marijuana and Tobacco in GTA 5 However, it was a cut scene so in GTA V it should be at least seen in cut scenes as well. Not... Read more →

WhatsApp Free Download Application

Previously, this free messaging application cost $0.99 for Apple iDevices users. WhatsApp allows you to exchange messages through the Internet for free. WhatsApp is an application messaging via web’s most popular smartphones, can be downloaded... Read more →

iPad 5 and iPad 5c Release Looms?

Apple has truly killed their old market and is rushing to keep up with one that it created almost overnight. With billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of customers waiting and expecting something different Apple is staggering to keep... Read more →

GTA V World: Can you Sell Cars In GTA 5?

Some have said there is no point buying a car from dealerships in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V when you can steal them away off other people. Well, in that respect, what’s the point of killing people with guns when you just can run... Read more →

GTA 5 News: Awards Are Meaningless To GTA V

Game of the Year is such a superfluous, arbitrary term. Why are there several ‘Game of The Year’ editions released for different games each year? How can they all be game of the year? Well, the answer is simple. It’s meaningless.... Read more →
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